Exhibition introduction

With the process of the national "dual carbon" (which refers to carbon peaking and carbon neutrality) strategy, the "Eastern Data and Western Computing" project, and the introduction of the "14th Five-Year Plan" on Renewable Energy Development, the data center industry has ushered in a new stage of development. Electricity, water, carbon and "computing efficiency" have become the core elements that need to be focused on, putting forward new requirements for all aspects of planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance, and also giving rise to technological progress, such as large model training and operation under high computing requirements, liquid cooling solutions underhigh-power heat dissipation requirements, and automated operation and maintenance solutions under convenient management requirements as well as new energy supply solutions for large-scale datacenters. All these are not simply become the hot spot of the industry, but also lead the development ofthe industry in technological progress and mature program.

As an important index to measure the ability of computing system to process information.'Computility" (or computing power) has also been widely concerned by the industry. For data centers.strong computility usually means higher data processing capability and efficiency. lt is critical to understand the key role of computility in the data centers and to recognize the latest advances and future trends in the field of computility. Liquid cooling technology, as an effective solution to the heat dissipation problem of high power data centers, is supposed to be a highlight of the event, The application of liquid cooling technology can not only effectively respond to the growth of computility demand, but also suit China's strategic deployment of promoting carbon peaking and carbon neutralityfor its eco-friendly feature.

In June 2022, nine government departments including the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration issued the notice of the "14th Five-Year Plan" on Renewable Energy Development, deeply implementing the new strategy of "Four Reforms and One Cooperation" (which refer to one reform to improve the energy consumption structure by containing unnecessary consumption, one reform to improve energy technologies to upgrade the industry, one reform to optimize the energy system for faster growth of the energy sector and comprehensive cooperation with other countries to realize energy security in an open environment) for energy security implementing the goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, and promoting the high-qualitd evelopment of the renewable energy industry. ln this context, the exhibition will also focus on the national renewable energy development plan and explore how to raise green energy consumption of data centers from the source, improve the interaction ability of "power generation, transmission, loading.and storage", which can ultimately increase the proportion of renewable energy utilization of datacenters.

In order to boost the high-quality development of China's data center industry, the 10th China(Shanghai) International Data Center Industry Exhibition and the 5th China Data Center RenewableEnergy Technology Summit, hosted by CDCC and organized by Ronco Expo (Shanghai) Co., LTD., will take place in Shanghai New lnternational Expo Center on June 25-27, 2024, The exhibition is intended to display new products, new technologies, new solutions and achievements of domestic and foreign data centers, and build a community of products, technologies and applications of the whole industrialchain and elements of China's data centers.

Hosted by CDCC and organized by Ronco Expo (Shanghai) Co., LTD., the 9th China (Shanghai) International Data Center Industry Exhibition 2023 and the 4th China Data Center Renewable Energy Technology Summit 2023 were successfully closed at Shanghai New International Expo Center on June 16.2023.
This event attracted 169 well-known enterprises at home and abroad todisplay products and technologies, with an exhibition area of nearly 21,000square meters, it received 34,082 professiona visitors with a total of 89,569 visits, among which 1,506 were overseas buyers.

Featured"Cross-border integration, intelligence-driven development"the conferences attracted many innovative forces in the data centerindustry and the energy field, and a total of 60+ industry leaders wasinvited to give lectures, sharing cutting-edge trends and insights, which aroused the attendees' new expectations and new thinking to the futured evelopment of the industry , and actively explored new opportunities forcross-border integration.

In the forum, Zhong Jinghua, the leader of CDCC, the compiler of national standardsfor data centers, and the special allowance expert of The State Council, addressed akeynote sharing on the topic of "The Development Trend of Data Center". Meanwhile,multiple parallel forums focusing on popular technologies and special sessions ofindustry's leading enterprises were held simultaneously, displayed the innovative vitality ofdata centers. Among which, the special meetings with the theme of data center liquid cooling technology, financial data center technology, data center energy storage technology, computing economy and computing network integration, data center green andlow-carbon technology, and data center smart operation and sustainable development technology tightly seized the industry hot spots, and were praised by the participants.

Exhibition Scale

Target Industry Audience
Cloud bases, Data center investors and operators, Communications operators, Large network and e-commerce companies, Telecommunications, energy, finance, securities, radio and television, e-commerce, electronics, medical, national defense, education, customs, aerospace, and integrators , Engineering companies, agents, etc.


Exhibit Profiles

1,ICT equipment system:
1.1,IT facilities solutions: servers, storage and disk arrays, optical transceivers, databases, cabinets.
1.2,Network communication system: switches and routers, optical modules, firewalls and gateways, network architecture, data management and backup, and network security systems.
2,Data center infrastructure:
2.1,Power supply and distribution system: UPS uninterruptible power supply, EPS emergency power supply, HVDC, flywheel UPS, energy storage, battery, power distribution cabinet and cable, PDU, generator set and load test, bus and ATS, power quality, intelligent power distribution related products .
2.2,Refrigeration and fresh air systems: water-cooled chilled water units, air-cooled chilled water units, precision air conditioners, cooling towers, water cold storage, ice cold storage, plate heat exchangers, water pumps, pipes and valves, wet film humidifiers, cold air supply systems , Exhaust and drainage, and fresh air system.
2.3,Fire protection and security: fire protection system, video surveillance system, access control system, intrusion detection system, alarm platform.
2.4,Data center management: KVM switch, DCIM, environmental power monitoring system, RFID asset management system, 3D visualization.
2.5,Cabling System: Copper wiring system, Optical fiber wiring system, grid bridge, cable rack, optical fiber channel, logo, rack and cabinet.
2.6,Others: lightning protection, tester, large-screen display system, anti-static floor, fire blocking, etc.
3,IDC operator:
Telecom operators, Joint venture IDC, Private IDC, Cloud data center.
4,Related services: planning consultation and design, engineering construction, completion acceptance, rating certification, infrastructure maintenance, IT services and operation and maintenance.
5,Industrial applications: cloud computing, big data, data center leasing.


Participation procedures

1,Apply to determine the booth area and advertisement placement, sign the participation contract, and pay the participation fee as required;
2,"Exhibitor Handbook" will be issued 2 months before the opening of the exhibition (including: registration notice, booth decoration instructions, hotel reception, exhibit transportation instructions, trucks entering Shanghai, etc. service instructions);
3,The exhibitors will email the company logo, company profile, honor and qualification pictures, product profile and parameters, customer application cases and other information to idcexpo@ronco.com.cn after completing the exhibition procedures, so that the exhibition organizer can carry out pre-exhibition promotion .

How To Reach

East Hall (No.3 Entrance Hall) of Shanghai New International Expo Center
(#2345 Longyang Road, Pudong Shanghai)

1 From Pudong International Airport
Metro: Take metro Line 2 to Longyang Road Station
Maglev: Just 8 minutes from Pudong International Airport to Longyang Road Station, departures every 15 minutes.
Bus: Airport Line 6 or 3 to Longyang Road Station
Taxi: About 32 kilometers from Pudong International Airport to Shanghai New International Expo Center
2 From Hongqiao International Airport, Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station
Metro: Take metro Line 2 to Longyang Road Station, or transfer to line 7 from Longyang Road and get off at Huamu Road
Taxi: About 28 kilometers from Hongqiao Airport to Shanghai New International Expo Center
3 From Shanghai Railway Station
Taxi: About 16 kilometers from Shanghai Railway Station to Shanghai New International Expo Center
Metro: Take metro Line 1 to People’s Square, then transfers to Line 2 to Longyang Road Station, or transfers to line 7 from Longyang Road Station and get off at Huamu Road Station
4 From Shanghai South Railway Station
Metro: Take metro Line 1 or Line 3, and then transfers to Line 2 to Longyang Road Station, or transfers to line 7 from Longyang Road Station and get off at Huamu Road Station
Taxi: About 21 kilometers from Shanghai South Railway Station to Shanghai New International Expo Center