Exhibit Profile

1.ICT equipment system
1.1 IT facilities:
Server、Storage、Disk array、Optical transmitter and receiver、Database、cabinet
1.2 Network communication system:
Switchboard、Router、Optical module、Firewall、Gateway、Network architecture、Data management、Data backup、Network security system

2.Data center infrastructure
2.1 Power supply and distribution system:
UPS、EPS、HVDC、Clean Source UPS、Energy storage technology、Battery、Power distribution cabinet and cable、PDU、Power generator set and load、Buscouple and ATS、Power quality、Intelligent power distribution-related products
2.2 Cooling and fresh air system:
Water-cooled chilled water set、Air-cooling chilled water set、Precision air conditioning、Cooling tower、Water thermal storage、Ice thermal storage、Plate heat exchanger、Water pump、Piping and valve、Wet membrane humidifier、Air exhaust、water drainage、Central ventilation system。
2.3 Fire and security system:
Fire system、video monitoring system、Access control system、Intrusion detection system、Alarm platform。
2.4 Data center management:
KVM、Data Center Infrastructure management、Power environment monitoring system、RFID Asset management system、3D visualization
2.5 Structure cabling system:
Copper cable cabling system、Optical fiber cabling system、Wire mesh cable tray、Cable tray、Optical cable tray、Identification、Rack and Cabinet
2.6 Other:
Lightning protection、Testing instrument、Big screen display system、Anti-static floor、Fire-proof sealing

3.Data center operators:
Telecom operators、Joint venture data center、Private data center、Cloud data center

4.Related services:
Planning consulting design、Engineering construction、Final acceptance、Rating and certification、Infrastructure maintenance、IT services and operation maintenance。

5.Industry application:
Cloud computing、Big data、Data center leasing